Purrrty Talk, PODdy Mouth, Purrrty Talk!

Here’s my new best friend…PODdy Mouth.

There was another PODdy Mouth blog at blogspot similar to this one in reference to blogging about POD publishing, but it seems to have been abandoned as of last March. I love the new PODdy here on WordPress. Check it out!

I certainly wouldn’t call myself a victim, but having “partaken” in the world of self-publishing through Xlibris and Lulu, I can certainly relate. My bank account has since recovered.

Hmmm…being an avid reader and writer (with 5 years of professional book reviewing under my belt), maybe PODdy and I should strike up a relationship and start reviewing books for the sad empty wallets who mortgaged their house and emptied their kid’s college tuition savings to pay for their POD publishing package. Hey PODdy, what do you think? It’s the least we could do.



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