Poetry Tab

A few people have been clicking on my Poetry tab at the top of this page to no avail.  Sorry!  I’ve been writing poetry almost all of my life, and while getting caught up in developing my lil blog world here I just haven’t found time to start developing that tab and posting stuff for you to enjoy.  But guess what?  Three of my favorite poems (written by yours truly) are there now.  And oh heck, here’s another fun one…


Why do you let your bumper display
Words your Cub Scout wants you to say
In traffic, I read your message loud and clear
But I bet they are words he’d prefer to hear
Straight from your mouth, not above the exhaust
Where the chrome rusts and the message is lost
If he crayoned a picture of your house and family
Would you tape it to your window for all the world to see
Or would it block your rebel flag and clutter your gun rack
Next to the “Sh__ happens” sticker and your thoughts on Iraq
Your Darwin fish is drowning, your yellow smiley has faded
Abortion blurbs and riding cowboys makes you sound so jaded
So instead of rubber necking the words you display proud
Go home and tell your Cub Scout your great-hearted thoughts out loud.


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