The In and Out Box


Wow!  I went a whole day without blogging about my query submissions.  The stack of agent profiles on my desk is getting smaller.  The rejection file is growing just a bit.  I only have four left that take email queries.  But they require a synopsis and sample chapters, and my synopsis still needs some work.  So, guess what I’ll be doing this weekend?

Just did a recount…there are 18 agents I’ve queried via email that I’m waiting on responses from.  Any advice on how long to wait?  Days?  Weeks? Months?

Got a hard hit in the email box this morning from a publisher I had sent Stealing Wishes to.   After it was rejected from the ABNA contest, I did another edit and changed the title and sent it to a small independent publisher who I was hoping would definitely bite.  BUT, instead I got a nice rejection saying it didn’t fit their publication needs.  They want gay romantic comedies.  Umm….did they even read my query!?  Gay romantic comedy was typed all over it.  Oh well…

In the meantime, I’m reading For the Most Part AGAIN and doing some more editing. In another week, I plan to go broke on postage, envelopes, and paper by working on the snail mail queries.  I’ve also decided to start querying some poetry to a few lit mags.

Damn…this has been a busy month!


  1. Post your work, create your own buzz, don’t rely on agents and editors. Unless you’re the right demographic, it’s almost certain they’ll show you the door. Become self-sufficient, the submission process is the equivalent of planning your life around a lottery win. Seize control over your work, your life…

  2. Hang in there, Shannon. You’ve only been sending out queries for a short time. It may take a while to snag a bite. Unless you get a contract with a big-time publisher, you are going to have to do all your own promotion anyway (small presses won’t promote you), so you might consider self-publishing. That way you have all the control over your book. Self-publishing is different from vanity publishing. Vanity publishing is just paying a company to print up copies of your book so they can sit in your garage. Self-publishing, you actually make your book available online and in bookstoes and work like hell to get people to buy it. Good luck! I enjoy reading your blog!

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