The Piano Project

And yet, more photos from my weekend trip.  These are some of my favs.  If you click on the Projects tab at the top of my page, you can read about my current writing project which is a historical novel about a Civil War-time piano maker. It’s also featured over there in the sidebar under Writing Progress. I started this book back in 2006, but stopped writing on it during the holidays and was on hiatus from it all through 2007 while writing something else.  I am planning to get back into it this year and finish it before year end.This story, which I have entitled The Making of Things, was inspired by my old piano back home in my mother’s house, which my parents bought for me when I was growing up. It’s a Richardson Players Piano, although it hasn’t played on its own in years and never has since we’ve owned it.

At Christmas last year, I sat down and picked out a few holiday tunes.  I can only read right-handed melody as far as music goes, and I’m pretty good at faking chords with my left hand.  The piano now serves as a nice flat surface for Mom to display her nativities on top of.  Yet still, the piano is an important part of my growing up and the center of attention in Mom’s family room.  I was quite pleased with the photos I took of it.




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