Dead Dogs Tell no Tales

More fun pictures from the weekend. I mentioned these earlier. My sister’s neighbor is apparently in an uproar over their dead dog. Quick to call the law over anything from what a friend of a friend of a friend told me, the neighbors think someone killed their dog last Wednesday. Blaming it on the youth group of a Baptist church across the street who had been known to walk up and down the street causing the dog to bark, adults at the church could vouch for the kids that night. It was too cold to be out walking and they were inside the church and all accounted for. To no avail, the police came out to question neighbors, along with representatives from the Humane Society. But the mystery of the dead dog remains. And rather than have to pay for an autopsy, the dog’s remains were buried in the yard. These signs were also planted in the yard facing the church! Talk about making a statement, I approached them about film rights and tee shirts, but they declined. Just kidding! Gotta love the South!


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