In the past 2 days, I’ve emailed my query letter to 10 of the agents on my list of 22 who only wanted a query at this time, no sample chapters.  I got back 2 rejection emails so far.  Ahhhh, the life of a writer: 90% rejection, eh?  So I am sure there will be more to come.  But that’s okay….take a deep breath, keep positive, and move forward! 

 I think rejection email isn’t as bad.  Back in the day of snail mail (which some agents still want), it would have been much worse.  You are already eagerly anticipating mail as it is, but to rip into an envelope only to find a rejection letter would have to be quite painful.  God bless the delete button!

So, last night I sent my query letter to a friend of mine who is a published writer and asked him for help by taking a look at it, and I asked him to be brutally honest.  Fingers crossed that what I get back isn’t too marked up with red.  But knowin him, it will be.

I should really be writing about my weekend getaway right now, instead of this, but as you can imagine all this stuff about querying is still heavy on my mind.  When I arrived in Tennessee yesterday, I called J to tell him I had made it here okay.  He asked if I had emailed someone called something something publications because they had called while he was out but they didn’t leave a message.  I didn’t recognize the name, so I hope they call back.  But just my luck, it will be a magazine subscription company or something like that, and not one of the agents I emailed.

And so the saga of seeking representation continues…


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