The Queer Querying


So, yeah, I’ve written another novel, A Novel. Who hasn’t these days, right? Now it’s time to write a query letter. Oh, did I mention I actually wrote TWO novels last year? Yay me! Again, thank goodness for the internet and computers. I can write and edit, search for agents and publishers, get advice on a query letter, and email my proposals all from my home these days. What did writers do before such technology?

But I’m an idiot. I wrote a query a few nights ago for the first novel to email to an agent. Still waiting on her reply. So, in the mean time I decide to send another query for the other book to a different agent. I go into my sent messages to go back and read the query I sent first and suddenly realize I made a boo boo. In all the excitement of just completing a query and sending it off, I had put the title of the wrong book in the first email. So, I’m sure that agent (who shall remain nameless here cause I’m so stupid) will probably be writing about me as a blooper in her own blog. From time to time, she posts silly stuff that people have said or done in queries. Add me to the list!

Anyhoo, I made sure to get the right title in the second email query. I hate query letters, but they weed us out and they are what publishers and agents want and swear by again and again. I still think I suck at them, but I pray I get a bite. Anyone else out there have any good (or bad) feedback for writing query letters? Here is my main suggestion. Go to

Today, I spent quite a bit of time on this site and printed information on 22 agents who I plan to query over the next week. Wish me luck, and if you have any feedback, post it here for all to read and gain insight from.

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  1. I misspelled “illustrated” in the subject line of a recent query email to an agent. Mercifully, she did not mention my extented spelling “illustratrated” in her rejection.

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