Gladiators Ready!

Forget the writer’s strike! Forget American Idol! This year’s television highlight has to be the return of American Gladiators! I was more anxious for Monday’s semi-finals to begin than I was for the Superbowl. Those who grew up loving this show in the early 90s know why!

I am a bit disappointed in the lack of eye candy among the gladiators themselves, but some of the male contenders have definitely been fun to look at. “Wolf” aka Don Hollywood Yates is just scary, especially when he says things like “I want to eat you and have your blood dripping from my fangs.”

Titan (Michael O’Hearn) should totally play He-Man if they ever make a movie. It’s the hair!

titan_015.jpg heman_orko.jpg

Toa (Tanoai Reed) is super hot with those tattoos. Did you know he’s the stunt double in movies for The Rock and also the brother of Dave Navarro?


Is it just me, or does Romeo Williams (Mayhem) look like the Predator?

mayhem_017.jpg predator_hottoys_predator-_2.jpg

Militia is a tasty bit of eye candy too!


And that’s about it. Most of the women scare me, especially Hellga! I think Crush is the coolest though. She’s always smiling and having fun, not much of that tough gal stuff.


Contenders ready?


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