For The Most Part


I’m happy to announce I’ve finished the first draft of the second novel I wrote last year entitled For the Most Part. I started it late in August, after finishing what was then called 32 and Counting. See my post, The Waiting Game, to read about that. I finished writing For the Most Part on New Years Eve. Completing two novels in one year was quite an accomplishment for me.

My plans were to have the first edit done by the end of January, so I’m only running a few days behind. I’d like to have it in the hands of a publisher or agent before April. That means starting the 2nd edit ASAP in which I plan to add a few more chapters to the story line.

Earlier this year, I posted the first few chapters of For the Most Part on a website called The feedback I’ve received so far from just six reviews has been great, and I’m looking forward to receiving more.

For the Most Part is mainly a character study. The entire novel takes place over two days, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. The characters are almost all members of the White family; Lorraine the mother, and her five children, with the exception of three other characters. Each chapter is told from a different character’s point of view.

Travis is the main character. He is the middle of the five children, and still mourning the loss of his long time companion, Justin, who died of a brain tumor. His mother, Lorraine, is slowly recovering from the loss of her husband, Frank, but she is looking forward to having all of her children home for Christmas. Each of the other four siblings are dealing with issues of their own from drug addiction to divorce, to rape and job harassment. Can they put their complex lives on hold just long enough to spend a traditional family Christmas together without getting caught up in each other’s lives?

For the Most Part is about the fragility of our daily lives, the healing power of family, and the traditions of holidays that bring us close together. Look for it soon in publication (I hope).

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