Ms. Lang, I love you…

It’s been four years. She’s back with a brand new album of brand new original songs. On Tuesday, k.d. lang releases Watershed. I’ve been a fan of hers since she was country. From big bone gals to coffee and cigarettes, constant craving to invincible summers, I adore her.


They interviewed her this morning on CBS Morning News, and I was excited to learn she’s a painter. She has an art studio in L.A. where she goes in one room and pounds out a new song on a piano, then goes into another room and just sits and thinks, then into another room to splash some paint on a canvas.

Like me, she’s an artist who spreads herself over many genres. I write and I paint. I put so much of myself into my writing and it takes a long time to get it right. With painting, I can pour myself out over a canvas in a weekend. Expelling all of my creative energy into a painting and seeing the outcome in a matter of days is just breathtaking. It’s a release.

k.d. gets that.

I get that.


  1. I love ms.lang too! she got a great voice, so excited about her new coming album.
    and thanks for linking me on ur blogroll, i will do the same to you. thanks~

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